PLACE: Promoting Learning About Computational Tools and the Environment

Environmental Engineering in High School Science

Promoting Learning About Computational Tools and the Environment (PLACE) will focus on the application of computational tools for researching environmental engineering systems. Teachers will gain an understanding of how to apply state of the art computational tools to research environmental systems and how to solve environmental problems. The tools and research projects have relevant applications in high school science (earth sciences, biology, chemistry, physics), math, and social studies.

PI:  Dr. Alex Mayer, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Co-PI:  Dr. Noel Urban, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Co-PI:  Dr. Emily Dare, Cognitive & Learning Sciences.

Funding:  National Science Foundation, Research Experiences for Teachers

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  • PLACE is an NSF RET (National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Teachers) Site.
  • The RET Site runs from 2016 to 2018.

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This RET is open to rural high school teachers in the Upper Peninsula, and it will involve PhD students and senior personnel. This RET Site will offer an intensive six week summer research program for a total of 30 rural secondary STEM teachers over three years from school districts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, several which include significant numbers of Native American students.

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