Noticing and Capitalizing on Important Mathematical Moments in Instruction

Video-Assisted Research on High School Mathematics Learning

This CAREER awardee at Michigan Technological University is investigating the outcomes of a teacher education model designed to foster prospective mathematics teachers’ abilities to notice and capitalize on important mathematical moments in instruction.

PI:  Dr. Shari Stockero, Cognitive & Learning Sciences

Funding:  National Science Foundation, CAREER

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  • This is an NSF CAREER grant.
  • The grant runs from 2011 to 2017.

The researcher engages prospective teachers in research-like analysis of unedited teacher-perspective classroom video early in their teacher education coursework in order to help them learn to identify, assess the mathematical potential of, and respond to important student ideas and insights that arise during instruction.

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The research is based on a quasi-experimental design and involves three cohorts of prospective teachers. Practicing teachers from local schools collaborate with the research team. The data collected consists of classroom video. The video is coded and analyzed using Studiocode, which allows for real-time coding and for multiple users to code and annotate video segments.

The research findings are integrated into the institution’s teacher education program and are also disseminated more broadly through publication and presentations at professional meetings.

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