MiTEP: Michigan Teaching Excellence Program

Earth Science Education in Michigan

Michigan Teaching Excellence Program (MiTEP) is a multi year program of teacher leadership development that empowers urban earth science teachers to lead their schools and districts through the process of systematically improving science teaching and learning. Teachers are at the center of the project, as they are critical to the long-term success of school improvement efforts.

PI:  Dr. Brad Baltensperger, Cognitive & Learning Sciences.

Co-PI:  Dr. Jacqueline Huntoon, Provost and Geological & Mining Sciences.

Project Director:  Dr. Chris Wojick, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Funding:  National Science Foundation, Math-Science Partnerships


Learn More

  • MiTEP organizes Michigan EarthCaches, which can be used by other educators, students and the public to help translate Earth’s processes into a local experience.
  • Two courses, Earth Systems Institute I and II, introduce Earth Science content to Michigan science teachers in inquiry form with a focus in applying what they learn to their classrooms.

Partner Districts

  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Jackson Public Schools
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools


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